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Participate in Group Training Classes at Willson’s!

We offer weekly group training classes at Wilson’s for those interested in teaching their dog basic commands and better behaviors. We understand every dog learns differently; while some dogs learn better in private sessions, some pups benefit more from group classes! No matter your dog’s size, breed or temperament, we can provide you and your dog with the training you require!

The Benefits of Group Classes

As we’ve already mentioned, no two dogs learn the same way. Thus, Wilson’s Dog Training strives to offer multiple options best tailored to the needs and preferences of owners and their pups. For example, our group classes are an easy way to teach your dogs within several detailed and affordable sessions. Some benefits of group classes include:

  • Socialization – While your pup isn’t learning new commands, they can socialize with other dogs. Group classes allow dogs to be taught while interacting with other friendly dogs. Learning with other dogs present also helps train your dog not to be distracted by others while listening to you. As a bonus, owners can take advantage of socialization by meeting fellow dog owners during group classes!
  • The Essentials – Group classes must offer a “doggy curriculum” that’s easy for multiple dogs to be taught at once. This means you won’t learn the most advanced commands during group classes. However, Wilson’s always teaches the most essential commands and behaviors to dogs and owners attending one of our sessions.
  • Affordability – If price is a concern, group classes are your best option! Our group classes are the most affordable training sessions we offer, set at $15 per dog for every class. Group lessons are an incredible deal compared to our private lessons, allowing you to fit in more training at a significantly lower price.
  • Unique Learning Opportunities – In group lessons, your dogs aren’t the only ones learning “a few new tricks.” Dog owners can also learn how to best teach and interact with their dogs through the examples set by instructors and other dog owners. For some, learning by example is the best way to learn.
Group Class

How it Works

Group training classes are easy for dogs and their owners to get into. Wilson’s Dog Training has ample space to keep dogs apart from each other while still staying close to instructors. Our training consists of the basic commands, such as heel, sit, stay, etc. Additionally, we teach dog owners how to handle situations where a dog isn’t listening, gets overly excited, interacts with other dogs, and more.

Class Details:

  • $20 per dog, per class
  • We hold group classes every Saturday, with sessions starting in April and going through October.

Give Us a Call

If you’re interested in group training classes and want to know the best time to get your dog started, call Wilson’s Dog Training today! You can contact us at 309-204-8750 to learn more. We are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.