Aggressive Dog Consult Pekin IL
Aggressive Dog Consult Pekin IL

Who Provides an Aggressive Dog Consult in Pekin IL?

Wilson’s Dog Training serves as trusted local experts who can provide an aggressive dog consult in Pekin IL. Schedule your consultation today by calling 309-322-9841.

Our dog training expert Brian Wilson can help if your dog has bitten someone or attacked other dogs or animals. With an aggressive dog consult in Pekin IL, Brian will evaluate your dog’s behavior and suggest training to correct problem habits. Next, Brian will show you how to see warning signs that your dog shows before an aggressive episode. Consequently, you can prevent the situation before your dog bites anyone or attacks other animals.

Warning Signs of Dog Aggression

Since you may not know what signs to watch, Wilson’s Dog Training can teach you to spot signals your dog makes with an aggressive dog consult in Pekin IL. It’s important to recognize when potential problems can occur. In fact, seeing warning signs and diffusing a situation could mean the difference of a fun afternoon at the dog park or a stressful one in a veterinary operating room. To give you an idea of what to watch, call us for an aggressive dog consult if you notice the following behaviors:

  • Your dog intensely stares down other animals or people.
  • You see that your dog’s ears are laid back flat or standing straight up.
  • Your dog frequently curls its lips and bares its teeth at other pets or people.
  • You spot that your dog takes a guarding posture. For example, your dog lowers its neck under shoulder level with its head lowered and stretched forward.
  • You notice that the hair on the back of your dog’s neck is standing up.
  • Your dog exhibits a squared off, quiet, and tense stance.
  • You see that your dog’s tail is stiff or straight with short, staccato wagging or wagging at just the tip of the tail. Usually, this represents a threatening gesture.

Dog Training and Boarding Services Available

Wilson’s Dog Training offers a variety of boarding and training services, including an aggressive dog consult in Pekin IL. To read more, use the links below to find out more about the following services:

Flexible Payment Options

Wilson’s Dog Training accepts several different forms of payment and can set up a flexible payment plan when you need services, such as an aggressive dog consult in Pekin IL. You can pay with cash, credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments. Also, we arrange our payment plans through PayPal to fit your budgetary needs. For traveling services, we do charge a mileage rate for any trips over 20 miles away from our home base in Cuba IL.

Aggressive Dog Consult Pekin IL

Schedule an Aggressive Dog Consult

Wilson’s Dog Training can assess behavioral issues and provide training recommendations to fix them with an aggressive dog consult. Give us a call at 309-322-9841 today or contact us online to schedule your consultation.