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One-On-One Dog Training Might Be Best for Your Pup!

At Wilson’s Dog Training, we understand the incredible time and effort it takes to train and housebreak your dogs. Additionally, we know every dog’s personality is different, and each learns in unique ways. Some dogs learn well in groups, while others benefit more from one-on-one sessions. If such is the case with your pup, consider Wilson’s private lessons at our location. We can provide a range of training for your dog in a safe and comfortable environment separate from other dogs and people.

The Advantages of Private Lessons

There are advantages to both private and group lessons; otherwise, Wilson’s would only offer one or the other! However, for shy or anti-social dogs, one-on-one sessions to start might be more beneficial than group training. Here are some additional advantages to placing your pup in Wilson’s private lessons:

  • Flexible Scheduling – Rather than setting aside time to make it to group classes, private lessons allow you to schedule time to train your pup based around your schedule.
  • Training at You and Your Dog’s Pace – Private lessons can be scheduled at a pace you and your pup are comfortable with. Some dogs pick up training quickly, while others take time. Either way, private lessons give you control over the number of lessons based on your dog’s needs.
  • Dealing with Aggression – If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, it’s best to start them in private lessons. As your dog grows more comfortable around others, they can be introduced to group lesson scenarios to build their confidence around dogs further.
  • Customized Training – Your dog gets the same lesson as other dogs during a group session. Conversely, during private training, we can cater training based on your dog’s training experience, age, attention span, and comfort level.
  • Fewer Distractions – It can be challenging to hold dogs’ attention over an extended period. Especially in group lessons, other dogs can prove distracting! If your dog is easily distracted, lessons in a private environment can help them focus.

How it Works

Private lessons at Wilson’s are perfect for you and your dog if you live in the Greater Peoria area. For private training, owners can bring their pups to meet with a trainer at a park in Cuba IL or on-site at Wilson’s location. Signing up for lessons is easy, and scheduling is done based on trainer availability and your convenience.

Session Details:
  • $90.00 – 1 hour session
  • $350.00 – (4) 1-hour sessions

Call Today

If you are interested in private lessons at Wilson’s, reach out today to the expert trainers at Wilson’s Dog Training. You can contact us at 309-204-8750 to schedule your next lesson. We are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.