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For Aggressive and Territorial Dogs, Count on Wilson’s Aggressive Dog Consult

All dogs have unique personalities; some have even temperaments, while others are more hyper and reactive. However, if your dog develops bad habits and behaviors, such as aggression towards other dogs and people, this must be immediately addressed. With Wilson’s Dog Training, our skilled trainers can work with dogs experiencing aggression through our aggressive dog consult. We’ve helped dozens of dogs temper their behaviors and learn to be less afraid and more comfortable around others.

How a Consult Can Help

No dog displays aggression without a perceived reason. In most scenarios, dogs who exhibit aggression feel threatened in some way. It’s the job of Wilson’s instructors to discover the source of your dog’s aggression/anxiety and introduce ways for reducing and managing bad behavior. As such, an aggressive dog consult can help by:

  • Identify Anxiety Triggers – What triggers your dog’s aggression and anxiety? Discussing your dog’s behaviors will help identify the root cause of aggression. Whether it stems from past trauma, ongoing stress, or other factors, we will provide insight into why your dog acts the way it does.
  • Create a Plan of Action – Once aggression/anxiety triggers are identified, instructors will teach owners ways to avoid triggers and manage aggression when it occurs. We will help craft a training plan that considers safety and behavior modification through positive reinforcement and other training methods.
  • Offer Recommendations – Based on the actions and behaviors of your dog, our instructors can make recommendations on how attitudes can be adjusted while at home. While Wilson’s can set your pup on the path toward better behavior, pet parents must reinforce continued good behavior through lifestyle adjustments and aggression management techniques.
  • Making Your Dog Comfortable – Above all, ensuring your dog is safe and happy is crucial to curbing bad behaviors. Socialization with other dogs and people can help with behavior adjustments. We never force your dog into an uncomfortable environment. Instead, we gradually introduce your dogs to other dogs and people to create familiarity, thus reducing the stress and anxiety your dog associates with strangers.

Starting Consultation with Wilson’s

At Wilson’s, the first session of your aggressive dog consult will be to evaluate your dog to determine a training package that will work best. Each class is modified based on the individual dog’s needs and type of aggression (aggression toward humans, dogs or both).

Session Details:

  • $100.00 per Hour
  • If your dog is aggressive toward humans, they must be muzzle conditioned before training can begin.
  • Video footage of aggression issues or detailed descriptions of past incidents is helpful for your consultation but not required.

Call Today

If you are interested in an aggressive dog consult for your unruly pup, reach out to Wilson’s Dog Training’s expert instructors today! You can contact us at 309-204-8750 to schedule your next session. We are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.