Aggressive Dog Consult Peoria IL
Aggressive Dog Consult Peoria IL

Where Can I Get an Aggressive Dog Consult in Peoria IL?

Wilson’s Dog Training can provide an evaluation of behavioral issues with an aggressive dog consult in Peoria IL. Give the local dog training experts a call today at 309-322-9841 to schedule your consultation.

Our company can help you avoid further problems if your dog has bitten someone or attacked other dogs or animals. During our aggressive dog consult in Peoria IL, we will assess your dog’s needs and suggest a customized training package. Then, we will teach you to recognize warning signs that your dog presents before it gets aggressive. As a result, you can diffuse the situation before your dog bites someone or attacks other pets or nearby animals.

We Can Do Much More Than Just an Aggressive Dog Consult

Wilson’s Dog Training offers a variety of training packages and services that go beyond just an aggressive dog consult in Peoria IL. We are the River City’s trusted local experts for dog training. So, make sure to contact us whenever you need any of the following services:

In-Home Dog Training

Our expert dog trainer can come to your home Monday through Friday to provide lessons in basic obedience to your dog. In addition, we can help modify behavioral issues for problems such as jumping, nipping, biting, chewing, and barking. Plus, you’re not required to be at home during the training sessions. During the first four days of the week, we will go through training exercises with your dog. Then, our trainer will review training with you on Fridays, and give you things to work on over the weekend to teach your dog to work with you.

Private Lessons

If you live near or don’t mind driving to Cuba IL, we can offer you private training lessons at a reduced rate. Our trainer will meet you at a park in Cuba and provide lessons. When combined with an aggressive dog consult in Peoria IL, a private lesson can help mitigate behavioral issues.

Boarding Services

Wilson’s Dog Training also offers boarding services for your dogs. Rest assured; your dog will not just sit in a kennel all day when you board with us. During its boarding vacation, your dog will enjoy daily exercise and get to play with other dogs.

Boarding and Training Services

Our premium plan includes 4 weeks of boarding and training at the home of our trainer. As a result, your dog will return home free of any problem behaviors experienced in the past. In addition, you will need to bring dog food, updated records of shots the dog has had, and a Bordetella vaccine so that your dog will not contract kennel cough.

Fast and Hassle-Free Payment Policies

Wilson’s Dog Training accepts many forms of payments and can set up a flexible payment plan when you need services, such as an aggressive dog consult in Peoria IL. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments. In addition, we can set up a payment plan through PayPal for your convenience. For traveling services, we do charge a mileage rate for any trips over 20 miles away from our home base in Cuba IL.

Aggressive Dog Consult Peoria IL

Contact Us for an Aggressive Dog Consult in Peoria IL

Wilson’s Dog Training can help diagnose behavioral problems and make suggestions to fix them with an aggressive dog consult in Peoria IL. Give us a call at 309-322-9841 today or contact us online to schedule your consultation.