Aggressive Dog Training Pekin IL
Aggressive Dog Training Pekin IL

Help Your Pups Adjust with Aggressive Dog Training for Pekin IL

Dogs feel emotions in the same ways humans do. However, with the good emotions also come the bad ones. If your dog feels fear, anxiety, anger and the like, they are more likely to lash out at others around them. Thankfully, professionals can help address such behaviors in your dogs. With aggressive dog training for Pekin IL, Wilson’s Dog Training can get to the source of your dog’s aggression and help resolve it.

Why Your Dog Might Show Aggression

By nature, dogs aren’t usually aggressive towards others. However, their aggression most often stems from actions towards them or the way they perceive the world. If you begin to notice your dog growl, bark, show teeth, lunge, or bite at others, such aggression can be the direct result of:

  • Protection – Dogs consider you and other familiar dogs as a part of their pack. However, if your pup can’t tell the difference between friends and strangers, everyone who approaches their “pack” might be perceived as a threat.
  • Territory – Similar to protecting their pack, a dog will also protect what they consider their home or territory. And for those who get too close, this can elicit a negative response from your dog.
  • Possessive – Again, your dog strives to protect what they believe is theirs. And that doesn’t only include space and people, but possessions too. Get too close to a dog’s food or favorite toys, and they can become riled up.
  • Social – As pack animals, dogs create a “social order” for their immediate circles. And if your dog thinks of themselves as the alpha, they might lash out at others “under” them in the social order.
  • Fear – The ultimate driver of any dog’s aggression is fear. And fear can be a response to a traumatic experience or learned behavior.

What Can We Do to Help?

At Wilson’s, we engage with dogs and their owners through aggressive dog training for Pekin IL. During training, we sit down with you and your dog, discuss your daily routines, and attempt to discover the source of your dog’s aggression. And once that source is discovered, we begin teaching you ways to catch signs of aggression and diffuse them before they get worse.

Additional Training Opportunities

Just because your dog isn’t showing aggression doesn’t mean they still don’t need training! In fact, instilling positive behaviors in your dog works to prevent future issues of aggression. And if looking for training opportunities from Wilson’s, we can offer:

German Shepard sitting down waiting for a treat, Aggressive Dog Training Pekin IL

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Don’t let aggression issues in your dog get out of hand; be proactive through aggressive dog training for Pekin IL. To schedule training or boarding with Wilson’s Dog Training, you can call us today at 309-204-8750. Also, we are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.