Dog Boarding for Canton IL
Dog Boarding for Canton IL

Rest Easy with Reliable Dog Boarding for Canton IL

If there’s anything we worry about more than anything else, it’s our pets. We’re always concerned whether they’re fed, happy, healthy and getting enough attention. And that worry is exemplified any time you’re away from your dogs for too long a time. However, if you know your dog is in good hands, it can take away some of your stress and worry for your pups. Allow Wilson’s Dog Training to provide dog boarding for Canton IL, so you can rest easy knowing your dog is being taken care of.

The Best Times for Dog Boarding

Certain life events can be stressful for you and your dog. However, kenneling your dog for a short period might be the right option to keep you and your pup happy and healthy. Some of those times where dog boarding might be necessary include:

  • Vacations: While we wish we could take our dogs with us on vacation, it’s not always possible. Thus, finding someone to care for your pets becomes a necessity. And while friends and family might be able to watch your dogs for short periods, they might not be able to give your dogs the attention they need. Conversely, at Wilson’s, your dog gets to run and play alongside other dogs while being catered to by our care professionals.
  • Moving: Are you moving to a new home? That’s no easy feat! And especially with a dog following you everywhere, becoming increasingly anxious with their environment continually changing, moving can become even more stressful. Thus, you ought to allow Wilson’s to take care of your pup for a while, while you wrap up moving. And the next time you see your dog, you can introduce them to their new home!
  • Home Renovations: Dogs aren’t big on change. And nothing is more “life-altering” to a dog than a home renovation. Builders walking in and out of your house, constantly making noise and moving large objects and materials is enough to put your dog on edge. However, you can save your dog the trouble of stressing out by putting them into dog boarding for Canton IL. While remodeling is finished, your dog can enjoy some time away!

Consider Dog Training, Too!

Wilson’s is known for our excellent dog training and puppy classes if boarding services aren’t what you need. Brian Wilson is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and Animal Behavioral & Communication Specialist through the Academy of Canine Communications. Using his knowledge and experience, Brian can teach your dogs basic commands, best behaviors, advanced tricks and more. Our training options include:

Two happy dogs playing at Dog Boarding in Canton IL

Give Us a Call

When you’re prepping for your next trip or needing to keep your dog occupied for a few days, call Wilson’s Dog Training for our dog boarding for Canton IL. To learn more about our services or tour our facilities before boarding your pups, call us at 309-204-8750. Also, we are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.