Dog Obedience Training Peoria IL
Dog Obedience Training Peoria IL

Dog Obedience Training for Peoria IL When You Need It Most

While you love your dogs and they’ll always love you, it can be embarrassing to have them misbehaving in front of guests. From jumping up on visitors to growling at strangers, bad behaviors need to be addressed in dogs right away. Thus, you need dog obedience training for Peoria IL. And you can’t just rely on your friend who claims to have trained their dogs properly. You need a professional dog trainer like that at Wilson’s Dog Training.

At Wilson’s Dog Training, your dog will receive the best guidance from highly educated trainers. Brian Wilson leads training and classes, as he is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and Animal Behavioral & Communications Specialist through the Academy of Canine Communications. With his experience and knowledge, he knows how to best address the individual behaviors and personalities of dogs, so to provide optimal training.

Does Your Dog Need Obedience Training?

Often, if you must ask yourself if your dog needs obedience training, it’s because they are acting out negatively. So, you and your dog would greatly benefit from help from a professional trainer. But if you’re still wondering whether training is right for your dog, here are some signs of the best time to bring your pup to an obedience class:

  • When They’re Young
    • While an obedience class can be helpful for a dog at any point in their life, training is the most effective when they are a puppy. Between 8 and 12 weeks is the best time to instill good behaviors in your dog. And, because they learn positive behaviors and socialization at such a young age, they will remember training and commands for the rest of their lives.
  • When They Won’t Respond
    • Dogs sometimes have a mind of their own, and if they don’t consider listening to you to be important, they will show it. This can lead to dogs becoming aggressive with food, shredding up furniture, pulling too hard on their leash and more. However, through consistent and positive reinforcement of good behaviors, a professional can teach your dog to listen.
  • When They Get Aggressive
    • It may be common for a dog to be protective of an owner, but there is a difference between being protective and being outright aggressive. Especially if you notice your dog growling, barking or biting at children, strangers or other animals without provocation, the issue needs to be addressed. By interacting with other dogs and humans, a trainer can help your pet stay calm around others.

Get the Most Out of Wilson’s

Even if dog obedience training for Peoria IL isn’t what you’re looking for, Wilson’s Dog Training provides a variety of other services aimed at helping you and your pup. For example, we offer:

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