Board and Train Pekin IL
Board and Train Pekin IL

The Ease of Board and Train for Pekin IL

For those who struggle to find the time to train their dog, board and train might be your best option! Board and train offers convenience and ease for both you and your dog. You can continue with your current busy schedule while your dog takes time to socialize and learn better behaviors. And if needing board and train near Pekin IL, Wilson’s Dog Training can help.

What to (and not to) Expect from Board and Train

Boarding and training your pup provides certain advantages over other training techniques. However, there might be other training options more suited for your pup that Wilson’s can help you figure out.

What to Expect

Board and train is one of the best options for those with busy lifestyles or looking to get away for vacation. Having your dog stay a while at Wilson’s while learning new tricks and behaviors is an excellent use of you and your dog’s time. While your pup is at our facility, we:

  • Teach new behaviors
  • Perform obedience training
  • Teach basic commands
  • Socialize with other dogs and humans

What Not to Expect

While board and train is great from a perspective of ease and simplicity, it’s not the solution for all dog training. For example, your dog can pick up specific behaviors borne out of their home life. And adjusting these behaviors isn’t easy if not doing so in the same environment. While we can instill positive behaviors in your dog from anywhere, it’s more challenging to break bad habits if not where those behaviors are occurring.

Other Training Options

Wilson’s Dog Training doesn’t only offer board and train for Pekin IL and the surrounding communities. We understand board and train isn’t for everyone, and sometimes your dogs benefit more from other training methods. Thus, Brian Wilson offers certified dog training focused on either individual dogs or large groups. Our services include:

A man holding out his hand to a dog and giving a command during Board and Train in Pekin IL

Give Us a Call

Finding the best training options for your dog doesn’t need to be complicated. Allow Wilson’s Dog Training to show you what board and train for Pekin IL or additional training can do for your pup! To learn more, contact us today at 309-204-8750. Also, we are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.