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Top-Notch Dog Kennels in Peoria IL

The first thing you want to be assured of when signing on with a dog kennel service is: will my dog be in good hands and given exercise as much as possible? We have the answer: yes and yes! Leaving your pet with Wilson’s Dog Training will provide you with peace of mind because we offer the most competent, compassionate care in the area. In fact, we offer both boarding and training, as well as classes and dog walking. No need to panic when you have to go away on vacation for work or personal reasons. No more wondering who will care for your pet while you’re not here. Just let them stay right here with a trusted provider, backed by top-notch dog kennels in Peoria IL.

While Here, Your Dog Will Get Plenty Of:

  1. Daily exercise
  2. Socialization opportunities with other dogs
  3. Assistance learning to walk on a leash without pulling
  4. Encouragement with learning to sit at doors
  5. Exposure to basic manners

Then, when you come to pick them up, you’ll be amazed at how happy they are and all the progress they’ve made. We give them plenty of the above types of opportunities to provide you with peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands.

And above all, realize that with us, your dog won’t be stuck in a kennel all day long. We truly believe a dog is happiest when outdoors with the ability to run around and play. As such, we will get your pet outdoors whenever possible, walk them, groom them, make sure they’re well-fed, and of course, provide lots of playtime. Your dog will live with a professional dog trainer so you can rest your mind for the duration of your vacation.

Schedule Training with Wilson’s

Give us a call before we book up! However, please note that we require a temp test and evaluation before we will board two dogs together in the same kennel, and we will need a signed waiver from you.

Upon hiring us, we hope you’ll notice right off our commitment to excellence, compassionate care and attention to detail. That’s because we have a fantastic staff and a great leader: Brian Wilson, the owner and head trainer at Wilson’s Dog Training, who is a Certified Master Dog Trainer, Animal Behavioral & Communication Specialist through the Academy of Canine Communications. Rest assured, our support staff loves animals, so you know they will be in good hands.

A woman holding her dog before letting him stay at Dog Kennels in Peoria IL

Contact Wilson’s Dog Training

To inquire about our dog kennels in Peoria IL, please contact us today by filling out our online form. Or, you can call us at 309-204-8750.