Dog Training East Peoria IL
Dog Training East Peoria IL

Professional Puppy Classes and Dog Training for East Peoria IL

At Wilson’s Dog Training, we offer programs for dog training for East Peoria IL, and the communities throughout the Greater Peoria area. We understand training your dog isn’t always the easiest thing to do, with some dogs being more challenging to teach than others. However, that’s never been a problem for Brian Wilson, the owner and head trainer at Wilson’s. Whether your pup has trouble listening or you want them to play nice with other dogs, we can work on your dog’s behavior and skills and a friendly and productive environment.

What We Cover in Dog Training

Just like humans, every dog learns at its own pace and using different teaching methods. It’s our job to adjust our programs to your dog and find out what’s best to help your pup learn and grow. Whether in classes or through one-on-one training, we address:

  • Obedience – Not every dog starts as a great listener, but that’s okay! All it takes is persistence, patience and motivation to help your four-legged friend to understand and accept simple commands such as sit, stay, heel, come and more.
  • Socialization – If your dog hasn’t spent a lot of time with other dogs, socialization can be a scary concept for them! Thankfully, Wilson’s gives your dog the chance to meet and play with dogs at a pace that’s comfortable for them. Over time, we’ll encourage your dog to feel safe and friendly around other dogs, humans and pets.
  • Habit Breaking – Does your dog get territorial of their space on the couch? Do they chew up furniture while you’re away? Such bad habits can be frustrating to deal with but are easily broken with some focused attention. Through a combination of positive reinforcement and strict guidance, we can begin to teach your dog manners and break them of bad habits.
  • Love and Attention – With all our dog training for East Peoria IL, we keep your pups active and engaged. It takes an understanding of love and attention to keep your dogs happy and wanting to learn more. And we offer plenty of opportunities for you to learn with your dog, too, so you continue to build and nurture your bond with your best friend.

Different Learning Opportunities

As we mentioned before, every dog learns differently. It may take some time to find out how your dog learns best, but we can match them with the right classes and training sessions once we do. Here are the different training opportunities Wilson’s Dog Training offers:

A dog waiting patiently during Dog Training in East Peoria IL

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Get your dog started on the right paw with professional dog training for East Peoria IL. Learn more by calling Wilson’s Dog Training today! You can contact us at 309-204-8750 to schedule boarding or training. Also, we are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.