Aggressive Dog Training Canton IL
Aggressive Dog Training Canton IL

Behavioral Issues with Your Pup? Try Aggressive Dog Training for Canton IL

Admittedly, it can be challenging to live with a dog with behavioral issues such as aggression. Not only is it a danger to you and your family, but a stressful time for your dog as well. However, you’ll find most issues of aggression aren’t inherent but stem from potential causes. And with aggressive dog training for Canton IL, Wilson’s Dog Training can help you get to the bottom of your pup’s behavioral issues.

Different Types of Aggression

Dogs don’t usually get mad or aggressive for no reason. Often, there’s an underlying cause. And as Wilson’s has experienced with numerous dogs over the years, these are some of the most common types of aggression you might find in your four-legged friends:

  • Fear – We all get scared every now and again, and especially so for our dogs! And in scary situations, your dog’s “fight or flight” instincts might kick in, causing an aggressive behavior shift.
  • Social – Who’s the alpha dog of your pack? If your dog thinks it’s them, they might try and assert their dominance over those they feel are under them in the “pecking order.”
  • Possessive – If your dog never learned how to share their food or toys, they can become aggressive towards those who come near what they identify as their property.
  • Territorial – Dogs can become incredibly protective over the space they deem safe or their home. So, if someone unfamiliar enters their territory, they might show aggression in response.
  • Protective – In a show of love and affection, dogs will consider you a part of your pack and seek to protect you. However, such loyalty can go too far if they become overly protective of you.

What Can Be Done?

In response to your dog’s aggressive behaviors, Wilson’s offers aggressive dog training for Canton IL, tailored to your dog’s needs. During our first meeting, we will ask you questions and get to know your dog a little better to identify the potential source of aggression. Upon determining what is causing your dog’s behavioral issues, we teach you tactics for spotting aggressive behavior ahead of time and defusing it before it becomes problematic. Ultimately, we don’t directly treat a dog’s aggression but the source of your pup’s fears or anxieties.

Professional Dog Training

Even if your dog isn’t aggressive, other habits or behaviors might cause you and your family strife. Thankfully, Wilson’s Dog Training is equipped to train your dogs, helping them learn to listen and become well-mannered pups. For example, the training we offer includes:

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Without addressing aggression issues in your dog, you put yourself, family, friends and other pets at risk for harm. Get ahead of a potential incident with aggressive dog training for Canton IL. To schedule training or boarding with Wilson’s Dog Training, you can call us today at 309-204-8750. Also, we are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.