Aggressive Dog Training Peoria IL
Aggressive Dog Training Peoria IL

At the First Signs of Trouble, Look into Aggressive Dog Training for Peoria IL

Now and again, your dog might snap or bark at you, another dog or another person. And while this isn’t good behavior, it’s common for a dog to feel pressured or nervous in new or unfamiliar situations. However, if your dog barks, snaps or growls at others regularly, there might be a deeper problem. And with aggressive dog training for Peoria IL, from Wilson’s Dog Training, we can get to the bottom of your dog’s aggression.

Causes for Aggression

While some owners choose to treat aggression with punishable tactics, this does not work in the long run. And ultimately, meeting aggression with aggression can make matters worse. As such, Wilson’s will work to discover the root of your dog’s aggression and treat the problem directly. Some common causes for aggression include:

  • Territorial Aggression – A fear of strangers can lead to territorial aggression. In other words, your dog will begin to behave aggressively towards people or animals they perceive as intruders.
  • Possessive Aggression – Sharing is caring! However, if your dog never learned this lesson, they may get aggressive towards anyone getting near their toys, food or other valued possessions.
  • Social Aggression – If your dog thinks of themselves as “the alpha,” they may sometimes react aggressively towards others who they consider below their status.
  • Protective Aggression – While this type of aggression is out of love for you and your family, it can become problematic if your dog cannot distinguish between friends and strangers.
  • Fear Aggression – It’s understandable for a dog to act out if they are afraid. However, if they are continually fearful, aggression can reach unmanageable levels.

How We Work with Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive dog training in Peoria IL is all about kindness and patience with your furry friends. During our first meeting with you and your pup, we will figure out the kind of aggression your dog is showing and what is directly influencing it. Afterward, we will determine a training package for you and your dog to teach you how to identify warning signs of aggression and what to do to diffuse them.

Additional Training

Thankfully, not every dog is aggressive. However, your pup can still be a handful without proper training! And Wilson’s Dog Training is just the place to find training or classes tailored towards your dogs. For example, our training packages include:

Aggressive Dog Training Peoria IL

Get Started Today

Living with an aggressive dog puts you and your family at risk. Be sure to address the needs and insecurities of your pup with aggressive dog training in Peoria IL from Wilson’s Dog Training. To schedule training or boarding, you can contact us today at 309-204-8750. Also, we are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.