Dog Training Peoria IL
A dog waiting for a command during dog training in Peoria IL

Dog Training in Peoria IL Can Provide Useful Education

With enough time and patience, dog owners usually can provide basic training for their pooch. But the problem is that many often lack both of these areas.

That’s where professional pet trainers can come in – not only do they have time and patience to work with pets to teach valuable skills, but they have a great passion for helping and animals in general. Like Brian Wilson, owner and head trainer of Wilson’s Dog Training, a business that offers dog training in Peoria IL and other communities in the region.

Wilson, a Certified Master dog trainer and Animal Behavioral and Communication Specialist through the Academy of Canine Communications, provides a variety of training options for people.

Sometimes, training is provided for dogs that haven’t been trained, and an owner wants them to learn valuable skills from scratch. Other times training can help un-learn negative behaviors and break bad habits.

A dog receiving a treat for doing a trick during Dog Training in Peoria IL

There are a variety of options available for training through Wilson’s Dog Training, including where you bring your dog to us and where we go to your home to work with you and your dog in your/their own territory.

We also offer training for everyone who boards their dog with us as well as a unique boarding/training option where we keep them for four weeks to provide instruction in a variety of commands such as heel and sit, plus other skills.

Dog Training Options

Some of our popular training opportunities include:

  • At home. With this service, a trainer can observe a dog in its own environment and look for ways to correct negative behaviors and teach positive behaviors. This can be an opportunity to see things like a dog jumping on the counters or table, barking inappropriately, nipping, aggression or potty training problems. These private classes are especially useful for the trainer to see and confront the behaviors rather than having an owner describe them later.
  • Puppy classes. This eight-week course is designed to provide a puppy or puppies with the foundations of acceptable behavior and master some basic commands. It’s specially designed for puppies at least eight weeks old and covers areas such as sitting, up and down, coming and heeling, and basic housebreaking, nipping and kennel conditioning. This training is provided at the puppy’s/owner’s home, so no disruptive travel is needed.
  • Basic walking. If you’re short on time, we can provide basic walking, which also can include basic training of learning to use the leash properly and when to stop when the walker stops. This also can give necessary exercise outside of the home.
  • Aggressive consultation. As a provider of dog training in Peoria IL, we are happy to provide consultation if your dog has bitten someone or another dog. This overview can help you look for the signs of future aggression and reduce them.
A dog respecting an owner during dinner thanks to Dog Training in Peoria IL

To learn more about training options for your dog or to schedule a visit, please call (309) 204-8750.