Dog Boarding Peoria IL
A dog after getting a good workout at dog boarding in Peoria IL

Dog Boarding in Peoria IL Means Opportunities to Learn and Socialize

Pet sitters are great if you can find someone you trust to be in your home while you’re traveling, but most sitters aren’t necessarily chosen for their familiarity and expertise with animals.

Often, they are just family or friends of the family and have day jobs or other duties. While they are responsible for making sure your dog has food, water, the occasional walk and generally stays out of trouble, this is about the extent of the care, most pet sitters are asked to provide.

A better option is to consider boarding your pooch since these locations offer much more to help your dog than occasional check-ins from the usually-preoccupied pet sitter.

Dogs at boarding locations can enjoy the company of other dogs with activities and various stimuli.

At Wilson’s Dog Training, which offers dog boarding in Peoria IL, dogs there for boarding can also receive training opportunities.

A dog waiting to be walked at Dog Boarding in Peoria IL

The services are provided by Brian Wilson, owner and head trainer, or other members of the staff. Wilson, a Certified Master dog trainer and Animal Behavioral and Communication Specialist through the Academy of Canine Communications, provides a variety of training options for people who bring their dogs in for classes or there for boarding.

With the boarding packages, dogs don’t stay in kennels all day but will live with a professional dog trainer. They will receive daily exercise and various training opportunities, including learning how to walk on a leash without pulling, sit at doors, and learning basic manners. They will also interact with other dogs and enjoy many opportunities for socialization

Wilson calls these training opportunities “boarding vacations” since they allow the pet owner or owners to have a break to focus on their job or a personal getaway. At the same time, dogs who come in for boarding will receive stimulation and all sorts of opportunities to learn, grow and thrive, rather than sitting idle in a cage or bored at home (and maybe even a bit destructive, which no one wants!)

A dog getting ready to go into a kennel during Dog Boarding in Peoria IL

Dog Boarding Options

As a recognized provider of dog boarding in Peoria IL, Wilson’s Dog Training offers a variety of services and price ranges. These vary by the number of dogs and interest in training. Someone bringing in two dogs can also request that they stay together, but we will need to provide an evaluation and temp check before taking this step.

Wilson’s Dog Training also offers a unique Board/Train package where we can take your dog or dogs for four weeks and provide instruction for them in a variety of commands such as heel and sit, plus teach them other skills. This is also an opportunity to break other negative habits that they may have.

This can be ideal for someone who isn’t able to take advantage of regular training but wants them to learn some of these skills.

To learn more about dog boarding options or to schedule a visit, please call (309) 204-8750.