Dog Training Fulton County IL
Dog Training Fulton County IL

Certified Professional Dog Training in Fulton County IL

Wilson’s Dog Training caters to your needs for doggie daycare, boarding, and dog training in Fulton County IL. To schedule services now, call 309-316-7604.

You may find several options when you need dog daycare, boarding, and training services. However, you get a Certified Master and Animal Behavioral & Communication Specialist through the Academy of Canine Communications with our dog training in Fulton County IL. Our owner and head trainer Brian Wilson can create a specialty package of training services for you. In addition, our company offers the following standard services:

If you want to learn more about our training, rates, or scheduling, contact us online now. You can also reach us through our Facebook page. We accept cash, check, PayPal, credit, and debit cards for payment. Plus, we can set up a payment plan through PayPal if you need one.

Boarding and Dog Training in Fulton County IL

We offer you several options if you need boarding and dog training in Fulton County IL. For daycare services, we charge $15 per day for each dog. Plus, we can pick up and drop off your dog if you need it for an additional fee. We do charge $5 for pickup and $5 for drop off services. In addition, we charge mileage costs for anything outside of a 15 mile-radius from our location in Cuba.

Meanwhile, our boarding and training package provides four weeks of training for $1,600. That includes us taking your dog into our home for four weeks. We will teach them all the basic commands that they need. However, you’ll need to come once a week for an hour. That way, we can teach you the commands and how to work with your dog once his/her training is complete. For boarding only, our rates are $25 per day for one dog, $20 per day for an additional dog, and $15 per day each additional dog for more than two dogs.

In-Home Dog Training

With in-home dog training in Fulton County IL, we bring the perks of our board and train program to your house. Our trainer will come to your location for dog obedience and behavior modification training from Monday through Friday. You’re not required to be there for the first four days. However, our trainer will meet with you on Friday to teach you how to get your dog to respond to you with training provided. You’ll need to work with your dog on the weekends to reinforce the training and ensure your dog will obey you. This program comes with two options:

  • Two weeks of training
  • Four weeks of training

Private Dog Training

To save some money, you can have us host obedience lessons with our private dog training. Our trainer will meet you at a local park in the Cuba area. Your dog will receive an hour of training. This works well if you’re worried your dog may get aggressive toward other dogs in a group class session.

Group Dog Training

We also hold group classes each week on Saturdays from April through October if you need dog training in Fulton County IL. It’s a great way to get training if you’ve got multiple dogs in your household.

Dog Training Fulton County IL

Schedule Dog Training in Fulton County IL

If you’re ready to schedule your dog training, let Wilson’s Dog Training know how to serve you. You can use our online contact form to reserve the dates and training package you need. However, we will work with you if you require a training package customized for you and your dog. Give us a call at 309-316-7604 for the best results.