Puppy Obedience Training Peoria IL
Puppy Obedience Training Peoria IL

Teach Your Dog Early: Puppy Obedience Training for Peoria IL

Our four-legged friends are the loves of our lives. However, that doesn’t mean we can spoil our dogs, rotten. Without the proper attention and training at the start of their lives, your dogs will likely develop bad habits and behavioral issues. And adjusting these behaviors gets more difficult the older your dog gets. However, by enrolling your dog in puppy obedience training for Peoria IL, you can ensure your pup grows up to be “the best boy (or girl).” With help from Wilson’s Dog Training, we’ll get your dog on the right track.

Questions About Obedience Training

You’re sure to have many questions about the training Wilson’s can offer your dog. Here are answers to a few of the questions we see the most:

  • Do I Need Training for a Puppy? – Absolutely! While obedience classes are something your dog can experience at any point in its life, it’s more challenging to untrain bad habits rather than having good habits instilled at the start.
  • How Early Can I Start Training? – There are two answers to this question. You can start with basic commands and housebreaking as early as 7 to 8 weeks of age for informal training. For formal training, or the classes Wilson’s offers, we recommend starting at six months.
  • What Can I Expect with Obedience Training? – At Wilson’s, we cover the most essential “basic” commands in our puppy obedience training for Peoria IL: heel, sit, stay, down and come. Our classes also include behavior modification if we notice your puppy nipping, jumping, leash pulling, etc.
  • How Long Does Training Take? – Wilson’s offers a 4 Week Obedience Training plan. We will work one on one with your pup, all done in the comfort of your home.

Our Other Dog Training Services

No matter your dog’s age, Wilson’s Dog Training offers specialized training and classes for teaching the basics or more advanced commands. For example, our programs include:

Additionally, we’ve begun to develop more unique training options, like teaching hunting dogs! Once we’ve perfected our special training programs, we’ll begin to offer them as packages through our website.

A young dog patiently waiting for a command during Puppy Obedience Training in Peoria IL

Learn More

While your dog is still young, get them started on the right “paw” with puppy obedience training for Peoria IL. Learn more by calling Wilson’s Dog Training today at 309-204-8750. Also, we are located at 10985 E Lasswell Rd, Cuba, IL 61427.