Puppy Training Peoria IL
Puppy Training Peoria IL

Effective Puppy Training in Peoria IL

Have you got yourself a new puppy? Then you understand the care and unrelenting commitment it takes to get them trained. Why handle it all alone? Puppies are adorable, but they are a handful and need the proper guidance. Training your puppy to behave and respond appropriately to various situations from the get-go is vital. And as a responsible puppy owner in Peoria, you know how necessary quality training is. For that, depend on Wilson’s Dog Training, an invaluable resource when looking for where to train your puppy. Here, we offer both boarding and training, giving your puppy the care, attention and training programs that will help them be their best selves. Come to us for effective puppy training in Peoria IL.

What Do We Teach Your Puppy?

We teach your puppy plenty! Our board and train services are designed to take the stress off your shoulders of trying to train your feisty puppy.

We teach them eight basic commands within four weeks:

  • Heel
  • Sit down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Place
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Do all of this off-leash

So if you have a rambunctious puppy that needs training, but you just don’t have the time, patience, knowledge or space in your home, we’ll do it for you. Let us welcome your puppy into our home for four weeks, educating them on all the basic commands, housebreaking your puppy, providing kennel conditioning and breaking any bad habits they may have as well.

Can You Afford Puppy Training in Peoria IL?

In a word, yes! We try to make it as affordable as possible for the average pet owner. We ask for a $200 deposit at the time of scheduling, with the remainder due when you drop your dog off. We have many levels of dog training available, from beginner to advanced training.

For one low price, our board and train program will include:

  • $700.00 – 2 weeks
  • $1500.00-4 weeks
  • Training treats for the month of training and the first month you have them back at your home – 4-week board and train only
  • Mini Educator collar – 4-week board and train only

We also offer an Advanced Training class for older puppies, but they must have taken our Complete Basic Obedience class first. This class covers tricks, games, off-leash obedience and touch-ups on basic obedience. A $50 deposit is required at the time of scheduling. For this price, you get:

  • Mini Educator
  • $450 – 4-week class

If cost is an issue, try any one of our free training programs.

Your puppy is in good hands with us here at Wilson’s Dog Training. Our owner and head trainer is Brian Wilson, a Certified Master Dog Trainer, Animal Behavioral & Communication Specialist through the Academy of Canine Communications.

Puppy Training Peoria IL

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